15 Preferences Items

For settings where differing values are useful to have based on a file type or the context of the caret position in a document, the bundle editor allows you to set and specify a scope selector which selects which scope the particular settings should apply.

Currently the preferences are specified in the old-style property list format.

Preferences Editor

15.1 Completions

  • completions — an array of additional candidates when cycling through completion candidates from the current document.
  • completionCommand — a shell command (string) which should return a list of candidates to complete the current word (obtained via the TM_CURRENT_WORD variable).
  • disableDefaultCompletion — set to 1 if you want to exclude matches from the current document when asking for completion candidates (useful when you provide your own completion command).

For more info see section on completions.

15.2 Indentation

  • decreaseIndentPattern — regular expression.
  • increaseIndentPattern — regular expression.
  • indentNextLinePattern — regular expression.
  • unIndentedLinePattern — regular expression.

For more information see indentation rules.

15.3 Symbol List

  • showInSymbolList — set to 1 to include in the symbol list.
  • symbolTransformation — a “program” consisting of one or more s/«regexp»/«format»/«options»; transformations which will be applied to the extracted “symbol”.

For more information see customizing the symbol list.

15.4 Paired Characters

  • highlightPairs — an array of arrays, each containing a pair of characters where, when the caret moves over the second, the first one will be highlighted for a short moment, if found.
  • smartTypingPairs — an array of arrays, each containing a pair of characters where when the first is typed, the second will be inserted. An example is shown below. For more information see auto-paired characters.

    smartTypingPairs = (
        ( '"', '"' ),
        ( '(', ')' ),
        ( '{', '}' ),
        ( '[', ']' ),
        ( '“', '”' ),
        ( "'", "'" ),
        ( '`', '`' ),

15.5 Other

  • shellVariables — an array of key/value pairs. See context dependent variables.
  • spellChecking — set to 0/1 to disable/enable spell checking.